Build React components visually

Rapidly design and build production-ready components with Visly, the design tool built for developers.

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Design with code in mind.

Existing design tools mostly don’t take into account how designs will be translated to code. This is where Visly stands out.

Concepts such as props, state, and user interactions are core to the design process and ensure high-quality code can be automatically generated.

No handoff.
No headaches.

Existing tools tend to focus on the handoff between designers and developers. We believe there shouldn’t even be a handoff.

Rapidly go from design to production-ready components in one tool. With a common language, developers and designers can collaborate without friction.

Using React to build a complex front-end? Visly is for you.

Your workflow,
made more powerful.

Visly doesn't replace anything in your current workflow, its complementary to VSCode, Figma, and GitHub.

It acts as a tool to manage design systems that today live in code and design files, making Visly a quicker, more accessible, and more powerful way to build your app.

Primitives made simple.

We've all experienced the pain of trying to implement seemingly simple UI elements like dropdowns.

With Visly, it's never been easier. Now you can quickly customize battle-tested and accessible primitives without frustration.

Your design system
in one place.

At times, managing design systems can create the fear of something being out of sync.

With Visly, you can manage your apps tokens, components, and an automatically-generated style guide in one place, and trust that it will be in sync with your code.

Development2020-04-23Designing for incremental adoptionWritten by Emil Sjölander

Adopt incrementally

Don't worry about migrating all your code to Visly, it's designed to work with all your existing components.

Visly is the first design-to-code tool that is built to be adopted incrementally. You can start using Visly without re-writing any existing code.

Clean code

Visly generates code that is understandable and small in size. It doesn't require any external dependencies, meaning it has minimal impact on your final bundle size.

Built for macOS

Visly is built with the understanding that you write code locally, not in the cloud. We integrate with your file system and version control — as if you were building components with code.

Hot reload

Visly works with existing hot-reloading solutions out of the box. Whether your changes are visual, or in code, hot reloading just works.

Using React to build a complex front-end? Visly is for you.