Build React components visually

Visly is the design tool built for developers

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Integrate with your project

Incrementally adoptable

Unlike other design-to-code tools, Visly is designed to be incrementally adoptable. Start with just a single component.

Large value, tiny bundle

Visly has no runtime and has no more overhead than a hand-written react component.

Works with CRA & Next.js

Works with any React project and out of the box with create-react-app and Next.js.

Data through props

Design your components in Visly and pass data as props like any other component.

Hot reload

Changes made in Visly update your website instantly, just like a code change would.

5-minute setup

Seriously, 5 minutes from now you could be visually building components. No CSS.

Using React to build a complex front-end? Visly is for you.

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For developers, by developers

Visly is built for developers and integrates seamlessly into your codebase. With full autocompletion for your assets, you'll never be hunting through finder again.

Faster than coding

We've developed an interface that gives you all the benefits of a visual designer while keeping the speed and productivity of coding.

Instant feedback

As soon as you change a layout or style, you'll see how your component updates in real-time. Tweaking designs has never been this fast.

What you see is what you get

Visly runs your component as you would in your codebase. You can trust that what you see in Visly will match what you deploy. Make changes with confidence.

Design with states in mind

UI components respond to interaction. In Visly, you can design and test all your component states without leaving the editor.

All assets in one place

Managing assets can be messy. Do I have the latest version? Is this icon different from this other icon? How do I use a custom font? Don't worry – we manage that.

Using React to build a complex front-end? Visly is for you.

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