Senior Full-Stack Engineer

Visly is creating a visual UI development tool. By making a space where UI can be developed visually, rather than by writing code, we aim to make product development more efficient, fun, and accessible to everyone (and particularly for designers). We hope you'll join us in that mission!

We're looking for two senior full-stack engineers to join our small and talented team and help lead development of new product features.

Why Visly?

As a small team, we work in a highly collaborative environment and support flexible working patterns. You'll have the opportunity to participate in every part of the business from idea to production and set your own schedule while doing it. If you join us, you'll be able to:

  • Help shape our engineering practices, team, and company culture;
  • Practice your craft in a fast-paced environment;
  • Help define the direction of our product and strategy;
  • Take ownership of core parts of our infrastructure;
  • Learn from, and share your skills with the rest of our team; and
  • Work remotely with a time schedule that suits you.

What you'll be doing

We're looking for experienced individual contributors who enjoy working alongside other experienced engineers and designers to build and iterate on UI/UX/features quickly. Your responsibilities would include:

  • Building the core, user-facing product. You'll work on, and own, core parts of the product. Visly is still in its very early days, so you'll be working on adding new features to the experience.
  • Using modern web tech and influencing the stack. You will work with React (functional components, hooks), TypeScript, Electron, and of course, Visly to build a best-in-class frontend that scales.
  • Self-directing your work and co-owning the product. You'll have autonomy and responsibility because we're all individual contributors. You'll be involved in shaping the roadmap and owning the execution of it. You'll build a tool that improves your own day-to-day life and that users love.
  • Improving performance by profiling and optimising rendering. You'll make every interaction feel snappy, working alongside like-minded engineers who sweat the details to make sure every render runs at 60 FPS.
  • Solving interesting technical problems. Bring your full creativity to solve hard technical and UX problems. Ranging from third-party integrations, real-time compiler infrastructure, state management, to making the application accessible to everyone.

Your qualifications

We expect you to have experience working with most (not all) of the technologies we use, but don't have requirements for formal qualifications. We're looking for people who enjoy picking up challenges, can figure out the best way to solve them quickly, and who will always strive to make the product better for our users. We'd like to hear from you if you are:

  • Highly productive while producing quality code. You enjoy pushing out UI components and features in a pragmatic and maintainable way. You know when to deploy a quick fix, when not to, and when to spend extra time writing tests.
  • Curious and quick learning. We don't expect you to have experience in every technology we use, but to learn and be productive quickly.
  • Design-minded. While you'll co-craft the interface with top designers, we expect you to have a sense for great UX, such that you feel if something is off and can flag it, or better yet, polish it.
  • Kind and caring. We pride ourselves in being friendly and inclusive. We expect the same from you.

Compensation & Benefits

We'll treat you well. If there are any other benefits that are important to you, we'd like to hear.

  • Competitive salary and equity — scalable based on your desire for ownership.
  • Paid time off — 4 weeks' paid vacation and generous sick & parental leave policies.
  • Fully-distributed culture — live and work where you'd like (EU time zones).
  • Quarterly off-sites — or COVID-safe alternatives. Our team has most recently been to Copenhagen, Zürich, and Oslo.
  • Co-working space — company-paid co-working desk in your local community or a home office setup.
  • Hardware setup — new MacBook Pro, display, and accessories.

Our interview process

Our interview process is remote and normally consists of 4 stages. During the process, you'll be able to meet multiple members of our team and discuss what their experience working at Visly has been like. Ask anything you'd like - we believe you should have the opportunity to interview us too! The interview process typically progresses in these stages:

  1. A 30 minute intro call with Emil Sjölander (CEO), the goal of which is for both parties to get to know a bit about one another and introduce you to Visly and the role. Expect a few technical questions as well; then
  2. An hour-long technical coding interview. Together with a Visly engineer you will solve a few technically challenging coding problems in an online code editor. These problems are heavily influenced by the kinds of problems we tackle every day at Visly; then
  3. An hour-long systems design interview with a member of the Visly team. This interview is not focused on coding, but on general problem-solving skills. An example question would be "How would you build WhatsApp?", where we'll be looking for you to sketch out an overall architecture, identify and discuss trade-offs, and be able to dig deeper into some specific areas. This interview should be seen as a discussion between you and the interviewer, though we expect you to be leading the discussion; then finally
  4. An 30-45 minute interview with Emil, where we'll be looking to go into more detail on previous experiences, expectations for the role, career goals, and the like. You can think of this as an extension to the first introduction call, and this is the last step before an offer would be made.

How to Apply

Interested in learning more what it's like to be part of the small and incredibly talented team building Visly? Email us at, with the email directed to Emil Sjölander. In addition to attaching your CV, you should ensure that you:

  • Include the role's title in your subject line;
  • Tell us briefly why you're interested in joining Visly; and
  • Include links to your projects that you feel best show off your skills.

Diversity and inclusion are core to our culture. If you are a member of an underrepresented group in technology, we strongly encourage you to apply. Additionally, we are happy to make accommodations to our interview process for candidates with disabilities - if you are chosen for interview and need accommodation, we will discuss and coordinate this with you while scheduling the first interview.

Want to join Visly, but the role's not the right fit? If you resonate with our mission and would love to contribute in another way, please get in touch with us on and pass along your CV and any other information you believe is relevant for consideration for future roles.