Visly is creating a shared space for developers and designers to collaborate on products.

The key to creating high-quality products and magical experiences is a deep collaboration between design and engineering. We don't believe any of today's tools truly help deliver this.


We believe the future of product development will have thinner lines between design and engineering.

We envision a future where any piece of design acts and feels like code to the developer without compromising on the product vision. We believe there will be an integrated environment where developers and designers can execute their craft, leading to high-quality products and quick iterations.


We are a small distributed team of developers and designers with a background in building tools.

Our engineering team has experience from small upstarts to large organizations such as Facebook and Google. What brings us all together is our devotion to building great products and helping others do the same.

Emil Sjölander

Founder & CEO

Karl Petersson

Founder & CTO

Simon Edström

Software Engineer

Joel Miller

Product Designer

Martin Forsgren

Software Engineer

Ann Sovereign

Operations Coordinator

Sue Hitchins

Software Engineer

Jenny Lea

Software Engineer

Oscar Nilsson

Product Designer


We've partnered with some of the worlds leading investors to bring Visly to life.

We understand that redefining how products are built is not something we can do over night. Today is only the start of that journey which is why we are happy to have investors on board that share our long term vision. With their support we can ensure that we focus on building the best product for the future.