What is it?

As we work with initial customers and gather feedback these docs are constantly updating. If you are a customer and anything changes we will make sure to send an update to your team.


What is it?

Visly is a tool with which you and your team can manage your application assets seamlessly across all platforms. No more copying assets between your design tool, Android, Web, and iOS codebases. Just upload your assets directly to Visly and we handle synchronizing them with your codebase so that you can reference those assets easily through code.

Seamless code integration

In addition to reducing the amount of manual work needed to keep all your projects in sync this system also has the added benefit of making assets management type safe. While you may typically reference an icon with a string path, with Visly this is now a type safe code reference instead. This also enables you to quickly explore the assets (such as colors and icons) available to your application by using your editor’s built in code completion instead of hunting down the assets in a file explorer.

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Empowering designers

Visly not only makes your life as a developer easier but it also enables better collaboration with designers on your team by giving them the autonomy of changing and adding assets without needing to get familiar with an IDE or version control system. As soon as an asset is updated in Visly you as a developer can access them through code. We think this will empower designers to iterate more quickly as they no longer need to bother you as a developer to make minor asset changes.

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How does it work?

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Getting Started (React Native)
Getting Started (Android)
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